Hi, I'm Zaru.

Here you can find all my social media, my music, as well my price list for music commissions. I most regularly do music for roleplaying character profiles or DnD characters, but I'm happy to work on other projects, just ask.

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Commission Prices

(Price will always be affected by complexity and length)

January – July 2021


2-3 Minutes of Music

1-8 Instruments

A theme (Leitmotif) - Expanded Accompaniment

Ambient Noises / Sound Inserts (Quotes etc)



3-5 Minutes of Music

Any instrumentation

Leitmotif – Variations – Expanded Accompaniment – Larger Musical Movement

Full Soundscaping (Where the music sounds like it’s being played, noises in the background, dialogue, whatever you might imagine you’d want)

Alternative Versions, simplified or stripped



A midi version of the track you can use with the Musician addon to play your music in (World of Warcraft) – THIS IS FREE at request.

Lyrics / Vocals (Fantasy Languages Included) - £15 

Your music will be available on Youtube and Soundcloud

You'll also receive a copy of the files



Discord: Zaru#8774

Please write a brief description of what you'd like to hire me for as well as your contact details below!

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