Hi, I'm Zaru.

I'm an ex-military psychology student who likes hearing about other people's roleplaying characters so much that they started doing music for them.

Here you can find all my social media, my music, as well my price list for music commissions. I most regularly do music for roleplaying character profiles or DnD characters, but I'm happy to work on other projects, just ask.

  • YouTube
  • SoundCloud


Commission Prices

(Price will always be affected by complexity and length, please refer to the Commission Slots page to see full details of my process)

July-October 2021


3-5 Minutes of Music

Any instrumentation

Full Soundscaping (Where the music sounds like it’s being played, noises in the background, dialogue, whatever you might imagine you’d want)

Alternative Versions, simplified or stripped (This means removing elements, rather than adding them)


A midi version of the track you can use with the Musician addon to play your music in World of Warcraft, FFXIV, or any other Midi-friendly player – THIS IS FREE at request.

Lyrics / Vocals (Fantasy Languages Included) - £15 

Your music will be available on Youtube and Soundcloud

You'll also receive a copy of the files


"It took a while but the result was phenomenal! Zaru worked his magic and made the final piece sound almost exactly how I pictured it based on the various examples I gave him. Can't recommend it enough, the quality's amazing!" - Vealynn


"Great to work with, very easy to talk to and throw ideas around with to come up with an awesome piece. Would recommend." - Edward


“In all honesty my experience with Zaru was utterly superb. A lovely guy and an absolute gent! He’s extremely friendly and a joy to hire for a commission along with being very open and interested in your piece. Not only that but he possesses a rare skill of being able to put a sound to every idea and vision you have of your character, and in the end a wonderful melody. Start to finish I had no complaints and had plenty of updates and tweaks shown to me to make sure it was something I enjoyed and sounded good. Quite simply, it was a complete privilege to be able to commission him and I’d hire him again in the future without issue. An easy 5/5." - Baemus





Discord: Zaru#3000

While my commissions are closed, you can still contact me about future work and I'll let you know as and when I'm available. Please write a brief description of what you'd like to hire me for as well as your contact details below!

The art used on this page was made by @Goobijen

Thanks for your interest!